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Braintcroft Primary E-ACT School

Braintcroft Primary E-ACT School

Our Curriculum

About our Curriculum

Our Braintcroft curriculum is planned to meet the interests and needs of our pupils, with a particularly strong focus on children developing their use of English and communication skills.

In addition to daily literacy lessons, in Early Years Foundation Stage and throughout Key Stage 1, there are separate, daily phonics lessons using the framework of Letters and Sounds .The Braintcroft Curriculum has been updated in line with the 2014 National Curriculum.

Our school vision of ‘Shine and Achieve Together’ permeates throughout our curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning.  All is underpinned by our core values, 2REACH (Respect, Responsibility, Equality, Aspiration Cooperation and Honesty).  Within each year group there is a curriculum designed alongside our children, parents, Governors and community and links areas of learning and subjects at every possibility.  With an extremely inclusive approach Science, History and Geography, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Computing, Physical Education and French are taught alongside and intertwined with each other.

Please look at the more detailed, half-term overviews for each year group.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is also taught sometimes within areas of the curriculum and at other times in assemblies and class circle times, according to the nature of the topic and the specific pupil needs at that time.  Braintcroft use the PHSE Association for guidance in devising a current PHSE curriculum that is relevant to children in our community and relevant legislation.

Religious Education is taught through the Brent locally agreed syllabus.  In our school, we have children and staff from many different faiths and cultures, and it is to the benefit of us all to learn about each other, our beliefs and cultures.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) is taught within the school’s aims, values and moral framework, which is sensitive to the needs and beliefs of pupils, parents/carers and other members of the school community.  The school's policy on SRE is available on the website or in the school office.  A daily act of collective worship takes place in a school assembly or in class.  Braintcroft has a determination from SACRE to opt out of a broadly Christian act of collective worship, instead providing one that is non-denominational.

Further information about the school curriculum is available on request from the class teacher, or from the school office.